Jesus College Medical and Veterinary Society



Jesus is one of the biggest colleges and has outstanding on-site facilities. Jesus is renowned for its sporting prowess and is considered one of the most beautiful and friendly colleges. When students were asked in a recent poll which college they would most like to go to other than their own, Jesus came out on top. 





The only subject Cambridge officially requires students to have taken to at least AS Level is Chemistry - however, in addition you must also have taken two out of Biology, Physics and Mathematics to AS or A Level (at least one science subject must be taken to A-Level).  Most conditional offers ask for A*A*A at A-Level, and in reality most students applying will be taking 3 science/maths A-Levels anyway.




Applicants have two subject interviews and one with the Admissions Tutor (Sciences). One of the subject interviews will normally be with a practising clinician, the other with the Director of Studies. Most interviews are between 15-30 minutes long. Other colleges may only have 2 interviews. 




  • Mid-October - final deadline for submitting UCAS forms for Oxbridge or Medicine

  • Early November - take the BMAT

  • Early December - interviews

  • Very early in January - find out if you have an offer, have been rejected or have been pooled

  • During January - if you've been pooled, you may receive offers from other colleges, or have an interview at another college, or perhaps even be 'fished out' by the college that originally pooled you

  • End of January - final decision for pooled applicants

  • During the summer months - if you have been successful at Jesus, you will get information about accommodation etc.

  • Mid-August - A-Level results day.  UCAS Track may well display whether you've met your offer. 




Relax - enjoy the rest of your summer and get ready for coming to Cambridge!  You will hear from the Accommodation Office, your college parents, your Director of Studies... you'll probably also receive something about the course too, with a list of topics that you should be familiar with before your studies in Cambridge begin - useful if you haven't done one of the sciences, but don't worry too much about this.  Enjoy getting ready for uni and look forward to it!