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Jesus College Medical and Veterinary Society holds a vibrant calendar of events throughout the year, including our annual dinner, regular talks following MedVet Soc formal hall dinners, curry nights, desserts evenings, games nights, other socials, first aid courses, welfare events and much more.   Our mentoring scheme also facilitates more localised events or meetings between mentors and students from younger years to give academic, social, and welfare support to all medical and veterinary students (see our Mentors page).



The society's talks are given typically by high profile doctors and academics, and provide both medical insights as well as brilliant entertainment. Last year's talk titles included: 

Michaelmas 2016

Tuesday 4th October

Safari Supper!

GET EXCITED - this is the biggest social of the year, and many would say the highlight the medsoc calendar, in celebration of the arrival of the new fresher medics and vets on our very own safari trip along Jesus Lane.

Thursday 6th October

Matriculation Dinner Events

1) Pre-pre matric drinks:

All of the MedSoc will gather at a Jesus Lane house (details will be emailed) before the freshers, scholars and exhibitioners head to pre-matric drinks

2) Pre-matric drinks 

Freshers, scholars and exhibitioners will head to pre-matric drinks hosted by the medical fellows in Jim's staircase

3) Anti-matric

For remaining medics and vets not lucky enough to be on the way to matriculation dinner, consolation will be more than had with anti-matric celebrations - expect a menu set to rival matriculation dinner... most likely... pizza.

Friday 28th October

Dr Steven Krikler - AMUART 

Dr Krikler is an esteemed orthopaedic surgeon who will be speaking on the patient's perspective, following his time spent on an ICU.

Pre-drinks & formal hall before the talk

Sunday 9th November

MedSoc Curry Night!

Friday 14th November

Dr Chris Davidson: Where the Bee Sucks...

Pre-drinks & formal hall before the talk

Sunday 30th November

MedSoc Ice-Skating!

Ice-skating trip at Parker's piece, before the Christmas party

Sunday 30th November

Christmas Party

Secret santa, mince pies, mulled wine, Christmas tunes!

Monday 1st December

Jim's Mince Pies & Mulled Wine

If the christmas party hasn't quenched your appetite for mince pies sufficiently then do not despair... this whole evening hangs on mince pie consumption, hosted by our Director of Studies, Jim!



Friday 6th February

Dr Leonard Shapiro: Serendipity as a guide to a medical career

Pre-drinks & formal hall before the talk

Friday 20th February

MedSoc Annual Dinner

The finest dining experience.  We will be hearing an inspirational after-dinner speach by a high-flying Jesus alumnus.

Tuesday 3rd March

Jim's Desserts & Medical Pictionary Evening

Highlight of the MedSoc calendar: get training your sweet tooth, loud voice, and healthy competitive spirit!



Events in Easter will include:

1) Jim's Strawberries & Wine

2) Dr Hladky's Pizza & Desserts Garden Party

3) MedSoc Punting

4) MedSoc Champagne Breakfast

5) MedSoc Elections (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Resources Manager... PLUS NEW ROLES may include: Sponsorship & Fundraising Officer, Website Designer, Ents Officer)



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Lent 2015

Easter 2015

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these dates are provisional and will be confirmed closer to each event