Jesus College Medical and Veterinary Society

The University of Cambridge runs one of the larger pre-clinical medical courses in the UK. Unusually this course leads for all medical students towards both professional qualifications via the 2nd MB examination and the BA degree. At the end of the third year, after completion of the BA, all students stay in Cambridge for the clinical portion of the course leading to the MB, BChir. The clinical course also lasts for three years.


All Cambridge medical students (other than those on the graduate entry course) pursue the same course for the first two years (the Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos Parts IA and IB). This covers almost all of the information necessary for the 2nd MB professional examinations (only the Preparing for Patients course extends into the third year). In addition, it contains material to bring the scientific content up to the same level as for the Natural Sciences Tripos. Students have considerable choice in the subjects they can read in the third year. Most study subjects chosen from the Natural Sciences Tripos Part II, alongside their Natural Sciences counterparts. A small number take quite different courses, for instance English, Theology or Music.


For more information about the course visit the University Undergraduate Prospectus.